The Way of the Wonders

One Shot #01: What once will be as it happened...

Side A

Short Ver:

Party took a job exploring a newly found set of Ruins. After some minor conflicts.the party meet an old greedy creature that enlisted the groups help with the threat of melting them if they didn’t help him. Finally getting him into a room he hadn’t been able to access before the group looks at a very elaborate system to move around a room. Inu wonders if their new friend is going to end up blowing them all up.

Long Version:

The group generated new characters and got into the game fairly quickly afterwards.

Inu the Perceptive Jack who Fuses Flesh and Steel, Vlad the Strongy Glaive who Fuses Flesh and Steel, and (Will add in his descriptor) Mabius who Travels Through Time find themselves on the well travelled road close to the next town wondering what to do for supplies and funds in their adventures.

A chance encounter have the group wondering if they may have eaten some bad rations since they see either a ghost, a numenera, or ‘something else’ they just can’t explain.

With a wealthy looking man explaining an easy way on how to get supplies and a bit of odd behavior Inu simply dismisses the man as crazy but the promise of a job and supplies will certainly be needed. As he mentioned how a circluar disk with holes in it would help them the man gets in an arguement of sorts with someone unseen and Inu attempts to grab the device to look at it. When his hand passed through the man’s hand and the object he screams before fading.

Still wondering what that was all about the party make their way to the supposed place to find a job. Eternal Falls to find a priest of Eon by the name Usa Plate. Explaining who sent them and the fact the person if it was a person was from the future got her very interested and had her scribe in great details our encounter with the man to come see her versus the notice that had been posted in town a few days prior.

Agreeing to explore a new set of ruins that ‘popped up’ literally the team find themselves looking at six trunk face men early in ther morning. Seeing one of them with an odd shiny black football hanging from his waist while he tends a fire Inu attempts to deman the object thinking it’s what they need to get back to Eternal Falls. Seeing Inu basically try and assualt/intimidate the guy turned to a brawl when the creature attacked Inu. He inturn grabbed him by the trunk and repeated stabbed his polearm up the business end while yelling, ‘Give me my football! You gun learn today!!!’ With negotiations quickly fizzling Vlad grabbed one of the others by the trunk after being stabbed in the shoulder by the creature’s spear. While spinning him around he used him as a weapon against the other three. Seeing the leader impales on a polearmed through the trunk after it was split up and slammed into the camp fire and another of the trio using an unconscious/dead member of their group the other three opt to run away and forget the thoughts of a peaceful breakfast.
Blowing off the small device that had been in the fire with the supposedly leader Inu asked Mabius if it was the device they needed to get back. When he examined it and said no Inu became quiet. ‘Well I guess we just robbed them while they were having breakfast…’ Inu said before laughing off the horrific act he had just inititated stressed out the rest of the group a bit. Inu was able to find a small vile but he was unsure if this was the deviced needed but again from what Mabius could tell it wasn’t. The trio opted to head for and worry about a way home later as they started the Artifact that would record their exploits here.

Seeing more of the trunk face creatures and a large man/cyber beast dead on the steps Inu found a console and plugged himself in to interface with it. Hearing tone he called over Mabius who still new to the concept ended up rebooting the console accidentally. Inu asked what he had done to which he got a reply of Mabius not knowing. Inu asked if this was how Mabuis and Vlad felt around him everything Inu did something since he explained he felt he died a little inside. A sudden roar and Vlad running down saying they had unwanted company had Inu conflicted but handing over a small rod when seeing the creature barreling down and explained for Vlad to shrink him. The other two looked at him as he muttered at the device trying to get it to restart and get back into the area he was in before. Giving up he distracted the creature while Vlad shrunk it down. Vlad was going to just toss the 13 cm tall creature over the side, Already moving back to the console Inu yelled at him to just kill him since his body might have the device they needed to get home.

Drawing a blank on what to do to get the console back up and running. Inu searched all the bodies and the headless new attacker thanks to vlad which eventually turned back to normal size. They found a few more devices but nothing that may be what they needed.

Inside Mabius learned of the possible purpose of the tower and the short of it the ruins are the remains of a power plant of sorts harnishing the power of weapons used to destroy entire cities the likes of which the trio had never seen from the pictures.

After a bit of envestigations the party finds an odd creature Inu had dubbed Mute since it didn’t talk but wrote in the dust on the ground. With the threatening of the creature to help it find all the Numenera or ‘die’ as he shot a laser from the top of his head through a wall the group decide to help him find all the Numenera and let him keep them. Realization in their job was to explore and find numenera having someone collecting all of them in one place was actually beneficial escpecially if he helped defend them if need be. The party decided for now they would put a pin in the possible plan to stab the creature in the undersides since it had no back it seemed later to take all the Numenera.

With the creature directing them to a door he hadn’t been able to get to where ‘countless’ numenera were kept the part see an odd room. With small floating platforms, several rotating barriers flying around the room in odd patterns, several black pillars and what looked like a power core or the devices that destroyed cities. Without seeing the floor to the room it gave a moment of pause and hesitation. Inu gave Mute the okay to jump in first after Mabius stepped onto the first platform to survey the room after opening the door.

3XP Vlad & Mabius +1


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